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The Dallas Dhu Distillery

The first distillery Dallas Dhu, is no longer operating and has become a visitor attraction, well worth a walk around though, as being a non working distillery, you have more time to have a good look around at your own pace without having to keep up with a group.

We will be operating on 20 and 40 meters from 13:00hrs for a couple of hours and hope to be activating distilleries every second weekend.





Well, we arrived at Dallas Dhu and set up the station, well, set up is hardly the right words, the Yaesu FT897 was put onto the passenger seat, tripple magmount onto the roof, with a 40mtr pro am whip and away we went, first contact was with EI2HPB, most other contacts were inter G, with ON4DKP as dx on 40mtrs, switched over to 20mtrs heard OD5ZZ, who didn't hear us, hardly surprising with so many stations calling him all at once. We managed to work OE6HLF on 20mtrs, so not a bad couple of hours out for us, and looking forward to the next activation!

73 from the 2activehams.