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Update: 11/11/13 Due to the change of qth, by 2M0IBO, 2activehams have not been active for a few weeks unfortunately.

This site is about the radio activities of Jim GM6JUU and Jon 2M0IBO.

Jim is located in the city of Elgin, and Jon, in Portgordon, a small coastal village 14 miles east of Elgin.

Both stations are active on HF and V/UHF, VHF is mainly for the use of APRS as there is just so little activity here on 2 meters, the busiest time of the week is Sunday morning for the RSGB news and the after news reports with Ron, GM4ILS who has been reading the news here for over 30 years now!

You can call "CQ" on S20, and on the rare occasion you might get a reply, but mostly, just silence. Speaking of which, you might try the local repeater GB3SS, affectionately known as Silent Speyside, no prizes for guessing why!

So, to make a difference, we have decided to activate distilleries, starting close to home.

Pictures will be put onto the website and for more up to date information we will use Twitter @2activehams

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